Seth Wisely said

December 3, 2009

three simple steps to extricate ourselves from a liberalism damaged ‘free’ market

1) spend less than is coercively taken from citizens, take less from citizens, stop giving to non-citizens, stop funding evil deeds

2) disassociate from the “federal” “reserve” — neither federal nor a bank, but a private institution that benefits in any market condition — returning to the gold standard.  Want money by fiat?  Then by fiat you are barred from any public office.

3) fire every “public servant” who cannot succinctly explain how his job serves the public.  Interviewing teams for bureaucrat-job-viability will be followed by CSPAN camera crews.  “How does your job serve the public?”  Take too long to answer?  You’re fired!  Cannot succinctly answer?  You’re fired.   ALL  95% waste fired later: quickly paying off debt.


The Peoples’ representatives who violate the public trust are guilty of treason.  Swift capital punishment is due.



  1. Not to worry when we take over we will point out that it is better be [happy about government coercive abuse] rather than bigoted and bitter.

    Comment by shug — December 11, 2009 @ 19:44

    • Being judicious is “bigoted” how exactly?

      It is irrational to avoid discriminating. But if you understood the free market or even choice.. we would all be in a slightly less dire situation.

      Comment by Seth Wisely — December 13, 2009 @ 22:35

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