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December 12, 2010

fanboy host resolution failure opendns nx interception might screw over adblock list

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opendns is more hassle than anything with nx hijacking…  without snazzy ssl firefox extensions imagine what fun is happening to firefox adblockplus users who subscribe to fanboy now that he hosts subscriptions on ‘secure’ host not being resolved by opendns


maybe a more entertaining title: opendns conspires with advertisers to screw adblock plus users.


Seth Wisely said: opendns still sucks.. zero reason to “upgraid” to paid service.  parental units should consider untangle in lieu of opendns ‘filtering’


December 8, 2010

walgreens sells email database received skype phishing — thanks to disposable email address easy to stop spam flow in more likely event walgreens phishing email from stolen list

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thanks walgreens for the coupons and complimentary phishing attempts…. if not stolen then all confidence LOST in your online pharmacy services… fortunately I do not believe in using such “convenient” tools.. imagine the fun

example phishing email sent to DEA exclusively provided to walgreens

Walgreens took great care to guard their privacy feedback email:

Yahoo webmail is less than useful.  It will no longer allow me to reply as-from the AddressGuard address to which email is sent.  (pick Address Guard address in “from” drop down in compose reply pane).  Attempt to send, correctly solve feckless captcha

and then this additional nonsense….

The message you composed has not been sent. Such message blocks are usually caused by sending a message whose content has triggered our spam filters, or by sending to too many recipients at a given time. We encourage you to carefully review the recipient list and contents (including URLs therein) of your message before attempting to resend it. 

If you think that you received this message in error, or are receiving it persistently, please read this FAQ for more information and to request Customer Care assistance.

We apologize for the inconvenience.


I don’t want an apology.  I want to be able to send as from the yahoo disposable email address I created….  as I have been able to do since the addition of AddressGuard, and before that with other email addresses or free disposable email address services like or

circumventing requires picking primary yahoo address in From drop down.  yeah, that’s not going to happen — yahoo has defeated the entire value of yahoo AddressGuard.  (yahoo inflicts similar hassle when composing new email to friends, family, or cowordkers using from-as AddressGuard or from-as another Disposable Email Address).  no send joy

Why prompt for “from” information in new disposable email address creation pane?

with confidently signup to receive that one coupon you want without offering up your account to be raped.  Get what you want.. when the spam started simply deleted the AddressGuard overlay (forwarding) address.

Sure, it’s NOWHERE near as awesome as TMDA… but it was once a flawless integration of DEA with email provider.  Gmail’s (not new) plus addressing or dot placement is a joke by comparison.

“You can create disposable addresses to use whenever you don’t want to share your real Yahoo! Mail address,” or so yahoo claims

captcha within the webmail interface will not significantly reduce spam.. duh?  hello, yahoo?  Please stop tormenting the innocent like unconstitutional anti-self-defense fascist laws


Seth Wisely said: say no to email privacy abuse

October 21, 2010

Adblock is “evil”: balderdash! Ad servers are evil: privacy-rape

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I was going to leave this delightful comment on this whiny blog

but I thought I would claim it directly — a new rebuttal too good to suffer moderating squelch:

Stop trying to “monetize” the web.  Ad servers are the crack dealers and opium dens of the interwebs.  Spammers bring that same plague to an even older corner of the internet: the original social-internetting.  Ad servers are also privacy-rapistsAs privacy is impinged so too exercise of freedom.

The error is yours as well as everyone else who is trying to pervert the interweb, originally designed as a way to share ideas, into a money tree.

Escape your self inflicted delusion!

Why not try to “monetize” billboards?  Put up a ‘terms of service’ right on the face of the billboard demanding viewers cough up cash RIGHT NOW.  Cry up a storm when people won’t cooperate.  “But I’ve invested thousands putting up this gianormous sign, and you were looking at it!  And you aren’t paying me!!  I didn’t force you to look and you’re breaking my terms of service. whaaa”  Yeah, sure.  How many bridges have you downloaded?

Bring  your products to market if you like.  If you have the gall, the unmitigated hubris to claim your opinions are your product then actually-sell them.  Do not hide your failure behind the whiner’s billboard.

Smoke’s comment, June 4 2010, while sprinkled with profanity is a must read joy.

Mark’s site has been using free Apache since posting this drivel to his blog.  Since upgrading to Apache2 what contributions has Mark made to Apache?  Where would you be [whining] without Apache? Mark?


Seth Wisely said: adblocking is good, awesome goodness

government claims free boradband required for healthy citizens

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obamacare plans to provide free broadband

and for the homer simpson “in you” … elmo will “explain” how the FCC chairman plans to “make the internet faster”  — yes, he really said that

Seth Wisely said: I can haz free itnernets?

October 14, 2010

scientology overlords THIRSTY for spoof videos

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please, keep showing phoenix metachlorian tv commercials for home video fodder.  It’s a new internets or haven’t you noticed?  Remember, you are highly suggestible.  Repeat that out loud 200 times.

Scientologification criminon plans to compete directly with (muslim) marxists for recruits in prisons.  Scientology research papers pdf now use secret ink with invisible paper:


Only the scientology initiated can see the engineered thruthnessez.



St Paul teaches we must “work out [our] salvation in fear and trembling”

Scientology embraces the BAD math of reincarnation and SELLS “self” “betterment” thetons to its highly suggestible victims.

Seth Wisely says: a fool with money are good for the economy

October 12, 2010

google lacking in Boolean implementation and googleplexly lacking in gmail boolean or filter power per se

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gmail filters need exim makeover

Seth Wisely said: another reason to not-rely on gmail

October 1, 2010

crunchbase interest list of companies

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September 27, 2010

oh, firefox “upgrades, how I so delight in major version changes

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yes, so much enjoyment from core changes breaking all the extensions that customize MY experience.  So much wrenching joy waiting on extension fixes or hacked solutions to be manifested by third parties — no parties there.

I am sure I’ll love the new built-in tab management system inflicted on 4-users.

I like my piro extensions, thanks.  I like reliability and dependability of interface.  No one sane uses bare-firefox.

And the extensions “manager”.  Great name.  Let’s all call it the extension listifier instead, alright?  How does it manage extensions?  Oh, that’s right, it never has.  Too much middle-management influence on naming perhaps?


Seth Wisely said: time for someone to receive a motivational stick beating

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