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December 27, 2010

fios upgrade great offer WHEN signed into account bait and switch on purchase attempt

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FIOS TV Ultimate HD
FIOS 35 Mbps / 35 Mbps
epix bundle

2 year pricing




month to month pricing?? hmm


yup, you guessed it, verizon fios Bait and Switch.   Proceed to checkout and behold the amazing saving have become an inconvenient $115/mo.  Proxomitron raw captures reveal it is EVIDENT to verizon I was logged in as a fios client BEFORE displaying the 99/109 deal that self transmogrifies into 115.  Betrayed by your own bits, verizon.  LIAR LIAR marketing office on fire.

The build your own package is even more annoying.  I like my “TV Extreme HD” and my internet.  I’m not paying $20/mo for verizons near zero feature phone. [I pay $5.50/mo through via talk] I simply want to upgrade my “flex” [package] internets speed to 35/35, or 50/20, or even the as not yet released Tier 4 150/35 oooh ahhh

Tis the season to take NO crap from veriozn.  A roommate will simply order the packages we want starting with a “dry loop” pure ethernet from ONT install and quickly device we would like one of those spiffy TV & internet flex plans.  No, verizon, it’s time for Seth way, or the circuitous highway back to Seth’s way.  With overlapping services no one here will suffer any shortages.  And should there be an early termination fee I’ll sit on the status quo for a PBX experiment I’ve been drooling to try.

Verizon is not interested in RETAINING customers out of their 2 year contract with a $6.11 montly savings to keep them happy?  That’s poor karma (if it were real).

win win win… byte me verizon

Congrats me!  If I was logged out before perusing upgrades I would be entitled to a more viscious RAPE in price for the same fracking thing.. hooray?

I’m still being “puninshed” by a poor config when my ONT was prepped for downgrade from 50/20 to what it is now.  Same old entertaining inconsistencies at customer expense.  At one point in life I loathed the idea of bringing work clout down on the residential side.. but that belief is quickly eroding.

Here people grab this $104.99  TV extreme HD, 25/25 internets, terestial phone over light, and multiroom DVR free for 12 months — all this with no contracts

oh noes, ought I not to have shown this to you?  Call in and ask about it ceaselessly

Yes, Suzy, you can have Ethernet out from the ONT so you don’t have your VoIP calls raped — so you can use mature ehternet hardware like the rest of us.  Be sure to make your order contingent on that.  The very same crap they would have you buy to provide ethernet from the moca loop can provide moca for STB from the ehternet run.  pesky truth


please take a moment to “share” with verizon how you “fee”


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