Seth Wisely said

December 1, 2010

wanted PMP that doubles as in car GPS

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become an iTard and shell out for the iPad?

opt for the hot archos 9?,apple-ipad-64gb-3g,vs,archos-9-pc-tablet.html

I am beyond irritated with the suckass product offering across the board, cost no object in car GPS. So since I’ll be settling no matter what I’ve condescended to shop for a PMP that also happens to do GPS.  The cowon was a nightmarish disaster

PMP must be able to port out HighDef AVC/aac video to big flat tv in whatever room I’m in.  720p seeems the limit for most archos.  No 1080p?

friggin hell


I’m cranky I need lunch

Seth Wisely said: morons with money are killing sensible market diversity of useful features


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