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October 21, 2010

Adblock is “evil”: balderdash! Ad servers are evil: privacy-rape

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I was going to leave this delightful comment on this whiny blog

but I thought I would claim it directly — a new rebuttal too good to suffer moderating squelch:

Stop trying to “monetize” the web.  Ad servers are the crack dealers and opium dens of the interwebs.  Spammers bring that same plague to an even older corner of the internet: the original social-internetting.  Ad servers are also privacy-rapistsAs privacy is impinged so too exercise of freedom.

The error is yours as well as everyone else who is trying to pervert the interweb, originally designed as a way to share ideas, into a money tree.

Escape your self inflicted delusion!

Why not try to “monetize” billboards?  Put up a ‘terms of service’ right on the face of the billboard demanding viewers cough up cash RIGHT NOW.  Cry up a storm when people won’t cooperate.  “But I’ve invested thousands putting up this gianormous sign, and you were looking at it!  And you aren’t paying me!!  I didn’t force you to look and you’re breaking my terms of service. whaaa”  Yeah, sure.  How many bridges have you downloaded?

Bring  your products to market if you like.  If you have the gall, the unmitigated hubris to claim your opinions are your product then actually-sell them.  Do not hide your failure behind the whiner’s billboard.

Smoke’s comment, June 4 2010, while sprinkled with profanity is a must read joy.

Mark’s site has been using free Apache since posting this drivel to his blog.  Since upgrading to Apache2 what contributions has Mark made to Apache?  Where would you be [whining] without Apache? Mark?


Seth Wisely said: adblocking is good, awesome goodness


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  1. Adblock, evil?

    Not really. People really think that blocking an advertisement with a program that doesn’t even touch the website itself will cause no one to earn money through the ads.


    Comment by dave1sfx — October 29, 2010 @ 20:14

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