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October 19, 2010

den4b ReNamer is BEST renaming utility EVER and it is freeware too!

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den4b is a coding trooper.  Had it not been for paypal I would have happily sent my monthly movie watching budget to him in donations.  Yes, it is that awesome.  den4b ReNamer plays well as a portable application!

but wait there’s more.  den4b is responsive to well written, intelligent feature requests

I confess I did not find this utility myself but was recommend it by a friend.  Word of mouth — den4b has plenty of it.

I have tried several dozene renaming utilities, some freeware others shareware.  When I had found myself comparing them all to den4b ReNamer I stopped looking for alternatives seriously.  Now and again a forum or article will suggest a renaming tool not yet known to me — for kicks I’ll try it.  ReNamer continues to win.

insert, replace, strip, regex. masking/selection, validation


PacalScript, userscripts, presets, library of other user scripts … the power flows well beyond ReNamers GUI.  Create a list of rules in the stack and see real time preview — this makes learning the advanced features orders of magnitude simplerCleanup those files for the media center:


Now if only manual editing could would allow the program to generate a set of rules… replace your existing mp3 renaming tool with this!  I realize high praise is not the same as cash, but for now it is the best I can offer (as paypal is evil)


a fantastic interface option is being able to set the text in the two respective drag-n-drop panes… mwahaha

Seth Wisely said: den4b or nothing


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