Seth Wisely said

October 3, 2010

professional external wireless house surveillance has encryption so why is there no encryption available for in-home wireless baby cams and zero encryption for wireless nanny cams?

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Seeing grass, walls, and empty space must be encrypted, but the inside of one’s house, or one’s child has no wireless encryption at a price comparable to the wireless cameras?

The only options to have secure surveillance of the inside of one’s own home is either wireless ethernet cam that supports WPA2 enterprise/radius or wired (ethernet) cam.

that’s a bit inconvenient for most.  hmmmmm.   It’s a topic I consider again and again… and it’s been years and still ZERO in-line encryption gear for the purpose and ZERO in-device encryption class of wireless cam (900Mhz, 1.4 Ghz, 2.4 Ghz bands).  why?

Seth Wisely said: must have privacy in one’s own home


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