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September 17, 2010

boxee box without eSata is INANE

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I don’t mind connecting it to NAS, but I would prefer the box to serve double duty as NAS or be able to hookup a friends hard drive (or SSD) for movie night.

eSata is a must have fox boxee box.

I’m going to pre-order on amazon anyway to see if it lives up to the hype.  I wager shortly after buying the boxee box d-link, purveyors of crap, will very likely release a second hardware version with eSata.  I’ll be returning it as defective if the gui is sluggish or if 1080p media stutters on wired ethernet.  I don’t use wifi ethernet (except on the laptops / PDAs and then only when wired is not an option).

I’ve been spoiled with XBMC hardware… most of the other STB wired ethernet streamers are a steaming pile in comparison

Boxee box had better have (or soon have) an FTP client option.

I really really don’t want to build my own adventure HTPC XBMC.

WORSE: the USB ports are NOT eSataP (power over sata, or USB/esata combo ports).  That minor change would add only a few dollars to the retail product but also add support for delightful devices like EyeFi or Infinitec IUM.

Seth Wisely says: boxee box II had better have (1) eSataP ports, (2) NAT peircing streaming, (3) ability to BLOCK all other-than-local options, (4) XBmc screensaver [packs], (5) better fan logic, (6) option to rollback firmware, (7) ability to export profile information without hackery, (8) RADIUS support, (9) restore firmware 0.9 remote’s keyboard functionality


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