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August 29, 2010

(download or watch) 828 Restoring Honor and 827 America’s Divine Destiny on the archive

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both 827 and 828 are available in SD on The Archive:

also watch the prelude to 828: 827 America’s Divine Destine on The Archive:

.and the Glenn Beck American Revival [Faith 101, Hope 101, and Charity 101]


For a while people have suffered with the flash-video available at cspan

^ a bit over 41,000 views so far

spoke forward to 02:15 and watch through 03:00 at the very least


edit: found 827 & 828 on The Archive

Seth Wisely said: mainly lame stream media is a waste of bandwidth. FoxNews for less liberalism.  I would prefer zero liberalism (ditch oreilly and gretta)



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  2. That’s because Sports Illustrated is too poor to offer it in anything but the landscape

    Comment by indir — September 21, 2010 @ 23:00

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