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August 26, 2010

FCC pissed: ruling cannot rape internet, pillage truth

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This, second circuit court of appeals decision against FCC wicked demands in new york, is almost as entertaining as the delicious obamanation irony on theft. Essential commerce in obamanation is theft of real property… if only it were mere piracy!  New obamanation jobs on the horizon: reporting neighbors and friends who do not watch commercials; soon gulag guards for those unwilling to submit to obamanation propaganda.  Female “birth” control is already a holocaust orders of magnitude worse than all murders prior by socialism the world over.

FCC, like clinton and similar ilk, claimed “it’s for the children” where if “it” were free speech, is akin to the right to keep and bear arms would of course only apply to the government.

Should the FCC win the right of tyranny over the internet kiss the dream of great minds coming together goodbye along with dissent and dissemination of truth.

Seth Wisely said: power cannot be taken it must be freely given by consent of the governed.  This, too, is self evident (to those not re-educated in state institutions)


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