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August 24, 2010

circumventing HDMI HDCP without crypto attack — obvious loophole in HDMI “protection”?

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Where’s an Electrical Engineer when I need one?

dark side of HDMI sink: lift signaling from LCD ribbon and map back to component

As I edit my blog to push this out from drafts into the ether I find my blog disabled.  oh, the conspiracy!

Happen to have schematics for any 1080p LCD TV (ribbon cables) and the bits that precede it? 🙂

Capture 1080p stream after decryption: no complex HDCP circumvention lab.   LCD ribbon pinout to component will require a few bits & chips, and a bit more time.  This is not a “piracy” issue.  This is about MY convenience.  I pay to pipe in TV media.  I wish to record it on hardware of MY choosing, in an encoding scheme of MY choice.  “whole house DVR” is lametard marketing speak for poorly implemented TV NAS.

MY TOS precedes ALL others in my home and on my gear.

competent volunteers?  Electrical engineering thesis project perhaps?  I speculate (wildly?) that any HDMI capable laptop would be an excellent victim as equally awesome as any low cost or super popular TV model would be

HDCP promotes lan “piracy”.  HDCP is creating “casual” pirates out of soccer moms, and pirates out of DIY PVR users.  Most people are willing to pay for content — I am.  I, however, am not interested in participating in the masochism of it all.. few are.

Please correct any misconceptions I might have.

edit: No, this is not the same as the hackaday article concept

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