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August 18, 2010 planning new project: ?

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Perhaps it will fill the niche of the formerly amazing ‘free’ file hosting service.  It would allow one to upload a file of ‘any’ size and their backend would generate RAR spans, and URL to download from multiple ‘free’ file hosts NS allows one to upload a file up to 400 megs (via extremely vexing web form) to up to 14 of 20+ various ‘free’ file hosting providers.  It then generates one URL from which one may choose an individual host.  Advantage?  While a certain host is on timer or “bandwidth exceeded” there is another host in the array to complete a download of a RAR span — either manually or with spiffy java- or PHP tools 🙂

Hopefully MirrorCreator / spreadfiles will offer FTP uploading soon.

Seth Wisely said: only the cretinous pay for ‘free’ file hosting


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