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August 2, 2010

the solution to today’s woes? love

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it is our end.  Love is the answer to today’s woes.

It is because of the fruit of Western Civilization, the outpouring of Christian love, that we find ourselves in a great way and the lack of its defense that we are sliding in a bad way.

We are commanded to love by God who is himself love.  Love is not a feeling; if it were it could not be commanded.  We must know the good and choose the good; we must know- and love justice, mercy, and virtue.  What did Jesus say? If you love me you will keep my commandments.  Love is know and obey, but it is more.  What’s the upside?  God will abide in us.  God will draw us closer to Himself.  It will become easier to keep his commandments.  Not because we must but because we want to for our beloved.  We will have a relationship where we will want to please the one we love.  It will be easier to love the unlovable.

[How many here are married?  Did you love your spouse more the more you knew him or her? [yes] Love, a relationship frought with challenges, is successful only when rooted in love, true love.  A relationship with God is similar.  The more we know of our beloved, the more we love our beloved, the more time we spend with God the more we are able to love him.]

We must not hate.  But not-hating is not enough. We must love those who by their own actions make themselves unlovable. The woman who is garrulous.  The man who is snarky.  The one who is arrogant, sarcastic, condescending, rude, selfish, envious, angry, or otherwise difficult.  The sad irony is that these people because of ignorance and pursuit of what they believed to be good have made themselves more unlovable. We must pray for them and love them.

We must love those who hurt themselves especially those in relationships that break the commandments of grave matter, those actions which revolve around genesis of life.  We all seek love, but if they would prize chastity, they would rise to the image the other had of his or her beloved.  Fornication is itself grievously damaging but to participate in the generation- AND destruction of life for the sake of one’s own pleasure is woefully wicked (and self-damaging).  All of that which passes for female chemical “birth control” functions with essential reliance on abortifacient.  Most female devices of “birth control” are similarly abortifacient. Pregnancy begins at conception NOT implantation. These are NOT contraceptive.  Use of this is willful-ignorance of both the man and the woman.  These people give away a little piece of their heart each time.  These people harden their own hearts. This is disordered concupiscence: a fault of ignorance, poor formation, and poor habit.  The culture of death is destroying American culture.  The object of dating is to find a suitable spouse.  Dating for any other reason is inappropriate.  A successful marriage takes three: participation with God is essential to a functional marriage.  As the wed grow in love they grow in love with God.  Their increased love in God does not diminish their love for one another but strengthen it.  In each conjugal act both must be open to the gift of life otherwise they fail to give of themselves completely to the other, fail to fully love.  The sad irony is that these people because of ignorance and poor choices while pursuing that they believed to be love made themselves a little less lovable each time.  Practice virtues contrary to your vices especially the four cardinal virtues: prudence, temperance, courage, justice.  Practice virtues contrary to your vices especially the four cardinal virtues: prudence, temperance, courage, justice.  We must pray for them and love them.

A dating relationship with marriage as its object seeks the highest good for the beloved even now.  One wants to sacrifice for- and  serve the other — and in marriage more so.  As with God the more we love him the more we want to serve him and please him.  If you are dating now and marriage, finding a suitable spouse, is not your objective either change your objective or end this fruitless relationship.  Encourage those in destructive relationships to likewise end those relationships.  Margaret Sanger driving force of contraceptives, abortifacients, and “planned parenthood” through eugenics sought the destruction of man’s dignity, a debasement of all.  Pray for an end to the willfully-ignorant use of abortifacients masquerading as contraceptives. Pray for an end to fornication.  Pray for a resurgence of chastity and respect for human dignity from conception to natural death.  Pray that all will find true love in God.

The people who believe socialism- or liberalism are goods are very wrong:  Both devolve into moral anarchy and social tyranny.  This is the course our country is now on.  Those who champion liberalism or socialism want for themselves the “freedom to do whatever they want”.  This is not true freedom; this is not the proper object of freedom.  They believe they have the right to choose and implicitly that choice is justification.  Choice is not justification.  It is self evident to those who are not ignorant.  These people demand “tolerance”.  They want others to tolerate that which they errantly believe to be good.  One must never tolerate evil. In this ever growing culture of wrong-tolerance, tolerance of evil, there is an abusively non-tolerance of the good and the truth.  We must love those who hate the good.  We must love those who hate the truth. We must pray that God break them from their own enslavement to themselves that they may properly and freely choose actual-good and actual-truth.

We are free to choose God.  This is freedom.  What we choose along the way to God are expected to be goods in service of this true freedom.

The more we know of God, know God, and love God the more truly free we become.  We are more easily able to love the unlovable with greater compassion.  As God abides in us our love of them is of God’s love, an effective love, in concert with our prayers, acts of willingness of self conformity to God, help the unlovable to become lovable.

Love for Love’s own sake.  Love per se.  Loving one another.  Loving the unlovable.  Loving God.  God is love.  God is our end.  God is sufficient.

Pray that God will help you to love him as you ought.

Seth Wisely said: pray that you may love God as you ought


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