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August 1, 2010

AMO editors lazy. feckless, too? Tree Style Tab still without AMO approval.

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Piro, developer of TBE and numerous other awesome extensions, has submitted- and not yet received AMO editor review for Tree Style Tab.  It has over 1.5 million installs.  Should that alone not draw AMO editor attention?

outrageously they put their stamp of approval on GREYWARE and outright malware, but ignore community endorsed extensions like Tree Style Tab or Policy Manager; the latter is a MUCH needed security improvement.

GPO for firefox, an extension to manage firefox through GPO, with only 2,000 installs has AMO approval. Typical mozilla mindset, the one that has ignored the plug-in focus stealing bug for years, as yet has  no rational use of weighted values.  Customize Your Web, seemingly a replacement for platypus and recipient of a dev award itself with far fewer installs  has AMO approval.

Tree style tab was first submitted to AMO on October 20 2007 whereas Customize Your Web May 7 2009.  The latter has FIVE versions with AMO approval while Tree Style Tab with far more revisions has ZERO.


Seth Wisely said: the AMO editor model needs upgrading


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