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June 17, 2010

further poison ad “relevance” on yahoo : discourage geoIP location use EVERYWHERE

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disinformation is a skill YOU need in this age.. remember provide a bakers dozen or less when filling in a required age field whenever you signup to wield a loophole for increased privacy

Status is currently public for all users over 18 and shared with connections for users under 18. There is currently no way to change who may see your status.

simple: age backwards often : to obtain minor privacy-status merely volunteer your actual identity via credit card charge!

To create a Family Account, we do require you to verify that you are the parent or legal guardian of the child by providing Yahoo! with a valid credit card. Yahoo! will charge you 50 cents to create a Yahoo! ID for your child. : complaining is great poison : first opt-out by account : second opt-out by cookie : unprotecting privacy management via circuity : yahoo local location-edit “feature” conveniently broken : no skey for webmail

be sure to poison your cookies with TACO, a firefox extension on AMO

study the dark side

Betcha didn’t know about yahoo email read-confirmation:

Yahoo!’s practice is to include web beacons in HTML-formatted email messages (messages that include graphics) that Yahoo!, or its agents, sends in order to determine which email messages were opened and to note whether a message was acted upon.

I have been warning of the plague of geoip location.  Here is some anti-privacy propaganda from yahoo:

^ PDF page 26 forward.   Share your disdain: 1-800-457-6791 | 1-866-747-7327

For what percent of users does Yahoo! have location information for?

This percentage varies almost daily, depending on the user mix and information available to us on that given day. Please note that we employ a number of methods to locate users, and we generally have geographic identifiers for a high number of our users.

Although data on the total number of targetable impressions is not available with this release, we expect to make that data available in near future [thanks mozilla and obamanation].

yahoo strives to collect ZIP+4

mmmm.. see also “click fraud” for more poisoning ideas.  Making GeoIP targeting financially undesirable from the advertiser perspective will increase user privacy.  Violating a citizen’s privacy will cost you.


more linkage sooner or later.. closing print preview prior to printing delightfully closed firefox without invoking sessionmanager.  While digging through history is every so exciting I’ll pass. maga

we have fine-tuned our geo-targeting capabilities. Now you can target users located within three or six miles of a specific zip code [soon city-block level, or street address in obamanation]

How to more effectively SPIKE [pejoratively] geotargeted ads


FireEagle, no phoenix here, merely an immolated privacy-bird

yahoo data retention policy less creepy- and less vague than google…. IFF true

Interest based advertising? I’m interested in seeing zero advertising; I use AdBlock Plus.  Pay to place ads? whatever.  Employ GeoIP location against me… you have a vexed user with guerrilla tactics working to discourage your  GeoIP location use..

Are you sure you want to play by the “we’ll do as we please” ‘rules’?

Seth Wisely said: I have been playing longer than you have been geo mining


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