Seth Wisely said

May 8, 2010

pandering to those with no self control? STOP

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Why does the industry cater to fatties who want low calorie ice cream or low fat brownies but will not create zero corn sweetener products for the health conscious?  All of us will die from old.  I would rather not compound death with self inflicted diabetes from corn.

@ corn propagandists

Drinking corn based vehicle fuel in moderation only causes moderate damage?  It’s made from corn so it must be safe?

The sugar “shortage” has been engineered. Fascism + free market = fail! Corn fuel paradise folly.  Unleash the free market and coerced corn growing will cease.  There isn’t enough land in America available to farm enough corn to replace “evil” fossil fuel.  If you’re an envirofacist reading this: shame on you.  The interweb is powered by “evil” fossil fuel.  Disconnect to save the planet!

Stock up on metformin.

Seth Wisely said: choke on your corn, hippies


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