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April 22, 2010

more power in Iron than in Firefox

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While logged in as admin of user with deletion rights one can drag a selection box around files (thumbnails, links, etc), right click and delete.  This power is missing in firefox (3.5.1 — I’ll “upgrade” when my extensions will not be terminally borked).  Iron, however, lightweight as it is, thanks largely in part to nearly zero useful extension capability, is the much preferred post-creation manager.

Time to test a fresh profile…. [edit point]

The extension would be much improved to control ALL guest permissions not merely three.  There is a vexing bug with set default password.  Changing the desired default password requires, options, remove all text from default password field, save, options, set new password, save.  Tedious!

It was a JOY tinkering with portable jabber clients to interact with chat.. under XP I toyed with both Miranda portable and Pidgin portable.  I have tired of developer sloth/arrogance polluting my registry.  Apple has it down pat with application ‘portability’.  I prefer my utilities to write preference files to a file within the structure of the installation directory, and write exactly ZERO files outside ONE installation directory.



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