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April 20, 2010

why not not-iron? not using iron but only chromium not having adblock!

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haha no

“I don’t know how good that ad-blocker works.”

“[adblocking] might be the only real upside of the project”

Without evaluating the efficacy of the central benefit of the project you denounce it entirely?  How wise is that?  (hint: not at all).  Fanboy now provides an ablock ini for iron!

I assume that you did not get, that Chromium is basically Chrome without all the tracking features

wrong!  chrome is a fork of chromium.

ChromePlus is a new chromium fork with similar to Iron privacy claims, though unsubstantiated, with adblocking.

Iron phobia? There’s ChromePlus who like google claims to be “not evil”, no RLZ or behavior tracking, but CANNOT be confirmed as their sourcecode “is not opened”.

The ChomePlus Adblock, PlusAdblock, wiki entry leaves much to be desired.

ChromePlus adds all the useless bloatware features you could (not) want.  It has many of the features of IE7pro I always disable.

ChromePlus does not offer sourcecode as they claim to be “not opensource” [2 LGPL]

Iron continues to be THE ONLY trustworthy chromium fork.

Seth Wisely said: Iron needs an adblock upgrade


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