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April 18, 2010 firefox extension up to no good: evil intent inside

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Worse than malware?  It’s about the same.

both these files in the extension:

xpi: chrome\illimitux.jar\content\hoster.js
xpi: chrome\illimitux.jar\content\illimitux.js

employ JavaScript obfuscation.  Smells like malware.

eval((function(x){var d=””;var p=0;while(p<x.length){if(x.charAt(p)!=”`”)d+=x.charAt(p++);else{var l=x.charCodeAt(p+3)-28;if(l>4)d+=d.substr(d.length-x.charCodeAt(p+1)*96-x.charCodeAt(p+2)+3104-l,l);else d+=”`”;p+=4}}return d})

utf8_encode(argString`!^\”s` ‘!=` -&+\”\”).replace(/\\r\\n/g,\”\\n` (*` ,$`%S!utftext`%_$start,end` ‘#ringl=0;` 3!=end` ‘!` 0\”` \”\”`\”s$for(var n=0;n<` =#;n++`!f\”c1` H$charCodeAt(n`!>\”enc=null;if(c1<128){end++`#F&c1>127&&c1<204` ;!c=`\”O\”.fromC` n#(c1>>6|192)+` )2&63|128)` v\”` K912|224` Q4>>6` d$` j=if(enc!=`\”B!){` *!d>`#P!){`#|#+`\”y$sub` $\”(`$%%);}` =%enc`$$’n+1;}` z\”` HE`$L));`&z$` P#`&Q+convert(data`$e\”b64=\”ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz0123456789+/=`&J\”o1,o2,o3,h1,h2,h3,h4,bits,i=0,ac=0,enc=\”\”,tmp_arr=[];if(!`!I\”`!s#data;}data=`(C,data+\”\”);do{o1=data`&V(i++);o2=` \”23` \”2bits=o1<<16|o2<<8|o3;h1=bits>>18&63;h2` ‘$2` *!3` (#6` )!4` )!&63;`\”0#[ac++]=b64`!)!At(h1)+` #(2)` \”)3` 0*4);}while(i<`!o!`$u$enc=` }#.join(\”\”);switch`\”w!` B#%3)


I cannot be bothered to de-obfuscate now.  That they employ such nefarious tactics to what ought be a benign product is reason enough to NOT USE IT.  Their ‘contact us’ form is unusable.. big surprise.

extension lifts code from various userscript developers without attribution. tsk tsk

privacy? where?

“is accessible via or, for technical reasons” — ‘privacy’ policy

When did ignorance become a technical reason?

“In accordance with this Privacy Policy, we may use or disclose identifiable information other than those described herein without informing you or giving you the opportunity to consent to such amendments on the use and disclosure of your data.”

Why bother having a ‘privacy’ policy at all?

But wait there’s more… totally absurd TOS:

you warrant that:
– You are a physical person
– You will not use any ad blockers

What other kind of persons are there?  Not-use adblock?  Byte me!

We can not control the use of our service by users.

Yes, you can.

Any exemption to above rules will be accompanied by a ban.

Mmmm mighty fine Engrish.


update: illimitux deobfuscated

illimitux.js deobfuscated:
source md5: d91b5553107666ffadbffee16e6a9ffe

hoster.js deobfuscated:
source md5: aa9685d48a14668176823cb887b67260

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