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April 17, 2010

portable zimbra desktop replacing outlook masochism

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portable zimbra desktop 1.0.3

reconstituted parts:

Zimbra Desktop is free for anyone download and use. It works on Windows, Apple and Linux computers.

“I made a portable edition of zimbra desktop 1.0” — nxllpo

“it is not different [from the desktop version] at all it is the exact same exe file as zimbra’s but it does not need a service (instead of as installed service a stub directory is created wich contain the necessary backend i like to call it a pipe exe “Zimbra Desktop Core Service”file that is used as a service in a standrad installation) installed i used thiinstall to create a portable version of this email client because my boss requested from me to find a client that is portable and can be used with zimbra server-services that i installed in our company since there were none i made it i tested the PROTBALE Edition and whe you put it on a USB drive it runs mutch faster than installed on a standard hard drive”

post 23 “The usb drive must be larger then 512 MB since only the .DAT file has 200 mb”  ….. “Zimbra Portable has one more advantage other than portable drives you can also use it on multiple accounts.
When you install Zimbra Desktop you can only use it on one ACCOUNT.
Untill Zimbra Releases the Desktop Edition for AllUsers.”


Seth Wisely said: DEATH to outlook and its fanbois


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