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March 30, 2010

google BRIDGED voice calls still an “eternal” commitment LNP rights trampled no port-out for you mere citizen

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forget your FCC LNP rights: google awaits a heavy bitchslapping

“Currently, it’s not possible to remove Google Voice from your Google Account, but we’re working on making this option available.”

^^ be sure to vote “no” as often as you change IP address

oh joy!

I spent a few hours gaming the number system after the google acquisition of GrandWhatsit was obviously branded and await the opportunity to exercise my RIGHTS as a consumer to take my awesome numbers to a provider I can trust [not to datamine my calls].

Google does not qualify as an exception in ANY cases outlined by the FCC LNP rules in FCC 07-188 or FCC 09-41

FCC 07-188

APPENDIX B, Title 47 update

§ 52.34 Obligations regarding local number porting to and from interconnected VoIP providers.
(a) An interconnected VoIP provider must facilitate an end-user customer’s valid number portability request, as it is defined in this subpart, either to or from a telecommunications carrier or another interconnected VoIP provider.  “Facilitate” is defined as the interconnected VoIP providers’ affirmative legal obligation to take all steps necessary to initiate or allow a port-in or port-out itself or through the telecommunications carriers, if any, that it relies on to obtain numbering resources, subject to a valid port request, without unreasonable delay or unreasonable procedures that have the effect of delaying or denying porting of the NANP-based telephone number.

(b) An interconnected VoIP provider may not enter into any agreement that would prohibit an end-user customer from porting between interconnected VoIP providers, or to or from a telecommunications

Seems like google TOS is a teeny bit invalid regarding LNP.  Please do correct if I am wrong.

As between the parties, Google shall retain all right, title and interest to the telephone numbers used in connection with or provided as part of the Services.

Pay to be datamined by google? No Way

We will not use any of your content for any purpose except to provide you with the Service

Yeah, right.  “”provide service” — please refer to myriad other google TOS to unvaguify claim.  gmail is powered by text datamining alledgedly on the fly.  voice service is a wee bit more expensive than email, but no datamining?  Would you like to buy a voice bridge?  oh, wait, that’s “free” too.


Seth Wisely said: encrypted calls for the masses is overdue.  skype, for tards, alledgedly continues to foil foreign intelligence.  privacy requires ZERO access potential by unknown third parties


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