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March 20, 2010

HDCP helps to reduce piracy? yeah right. When the consumer cannot use his media in the way he wants he looks to other sources. HDCP pushes more casual users to piracy for media liberty in the home

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HDMI whitepaper, p9 “content owner benefits”

Although HDMI does not require
copy protection, the standard allows for it andódue to government regulations and
the demands of trade associations and content providersómost devices
implementing HDMI do offer HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Copy Protection) which
operates transparently to consumers in HDMI devices. As a result, HDMI helps
reduce piracy
and ensures that the highest quality content can be delivered to as
wide an audience as possible. In addition, should new business models for content
distribution arise that require new copy protection standards, the HDMI specification
is flexible enough to support those changes. Content owners, therefore, can feel
confident that their works will be widely distributed and yet needn’t overly concern
themselves with content theft via HDMI connections. Many Hollywood studios
recognize this capability and have moved forward with their plans to develop and
release high-definition digital content because of this comfort with the HDMI standard.

Why attack the encryption per se?  What’s the weakest link in the HDCP stream?  The flow in the rendering device after the HDCP black magic.  No working knowledge of HDCP Faustian secrets required.  Tinker away liberty engineers.

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