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March 18, 2010

verizon wireless SIP URI ish potential

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(“sip skype”|”skype sip uri”|”Gizmo5 FreePBX”|”google gizmo5″|”sipsorcery gv”)


Feb 16 2010, Verizon Wireless and Skype join forces to create a global mobile calling community

make and receive unlimited Skype-to-Skype voice calls to any Skype user around the globe on America’s most reliable wireless network [Until verizon pushes a PRL that makes using  your handset in your house nearly impossible.. thankfully: NAM2]

delightfully: purely theoretical.  needs testing. need more free time. d’oh

“free” skype calls will incur verizon’s thirty dollar a month upgrade penalty for “smart” phones.

me: how can I opt out of your $30/mo upgrade penalty for services I shall NEVER use?
verizon: the $30/mo fee is for your convenience
me: how is paying your $30/mo upgrade penalty for something I shall NEVER use convenient for ME?
verizon: if you didn’t have the unlimited data plan you would have to pay fees per megabyte that would quickly become excessive
me: great how do I get that?
verzion: get what?
me: the option to be billed excessively per megabyte?
verizon: now we have the unlimited data plan for thirty dollars a month; otherwise you would have to pay for megabyte usage
me: alright how do I pay for megabyte usage?
verizon: you won’t have to with our convenient unlimited data package
me: I don’t want to pay your thirty dollars a month upgrade penalty for something I won’t EVER be using.  I would rather pay for megabyte usage… especially as I’ll be using zero megabytes every month.  How much will it cost to use ZERO megabytes of data a month?
verizon: if you weren’t using data you would still have the protection of the $30/mo unlimited data plan
[actual verizon “reasoning”]
verizon: in case someone else picked up your phone and connected to the internet…..

repeat ad nasuem

transcripts of  “verizon’s thirty dollar a month upgrade penalty” soon…  voip call record.. and for eternal enjoyment verizon inanity hosted on

Seth Wisely said: why employ cretins to read a “knowledge” base when you can install a much more annoying IVR?


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