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February 17, 2010

thanks yahoo webmail and livemarks for chewing up cpu only to freeze firefox — xul profiler a big help

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xpp taskmgr shows firefox 3.5 sucking up ram and hogging cpu while yahoo webmail “does something”.  At that time I was merely switching compose tabs inside yahoo webmail.  Two yahoo tabs is too much?? And *only* frozen for two whole minutes … I’ll “upgrade” when my must have extensions are no longer badly broken.

The blame in this instance falls on: livemarks service, yahoo webmail, and greasefire.  The latter has since been removed from the profile.  Two profiles are running concurrently as showing in task manager below.  One was frozen and as I had no way to know if- or when it would return to user control I spawned another profile to blog post.  All profiles have the minimum extension complement of ADP, NoScript, RequestPolicy, BetterPrivacy, dragdropupload, Lazarus, TooManyTabs.

Why that much Core2Quad power for so long? That’s alot of power for something allegedly not processor intensive…



And a big thanks to greasefire sucking up cpu… ‘uninstalled’ goodbye


FeedProcessor.js — gluttony

Pain aversion made possible by the firefox extension XUL Profiler, which itself does not play well with the ‘improved’ gmail webmail.. many fun script timeouts.  Don’t forget to *manually* add this button to the toolbar to use XUL Profiler.


@ mozilla

Ever plan to fix the plugin hijacking hotkeys issue?  (flash focus stealing CTRL+T is exceptionally vexing)

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