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February 11, 2010

make burning spammer’s cash party of your daily routine

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GDI, source of needless posts to mailing lists and forums alike does nothing to punish spammers.  Using a SIP toll free gateway you along with thousands of others can cost this spammer time (money) and money (phone bill).  Free toll free termination providers

DO NOT motivate spammer’s from your own phone.. as this is a tollfree number they likely have caller ANI.  But a SIP call they cannot trace.. that and it’s not illegal to call and not-listen to their extensive message on a daily basis.

burn some GDI cash today


if only it were this easy to burn other spammers

Seth Wisely said: abandon the “war” on drugs, given prohibition failure and the ZERO will to win.. apply efforts to more fruitful endeavors


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