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February 2, 2010 founded by cretins, itards, pediaphiles, or twits? or only employ those?

Filed under: CIO — Seth Wisely @ 22:12 firefox extension solicits comments and suggestions by emails but bounces ALL email without exception with itard style rejection notice.  Seemingly barely grasping the nature of email and unaware of interweb timeline compared to email inside internet context.


all their base belong to mainlining or other substance abuse mayhaps


wow.. really?  seems like facebuhkers.

FBR “Do you have a facebook?”

ME “I use the technology you used to signup for facebook”

It usually takes about six iterations… it’s a modern in the field micro IQ test.. oh look and it’s a pun, too

Seth Wisely said: DO exercise your Constitutional right freedom of Disassociation


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