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January 17, 2010

TeraCopy a must have utility. But it could be so much better with UFD

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Windows 7 (vista) finally integrated DISPLAY of copy speed into the explorer widget.. yay?  It’s always been fun to watch the transfer rate in XP and prior windowses.  But for UFD I would like nearish realtime  remaining space remaining count next to the transfer rate in the TeraCopy window.  It already shows this information when there is insufficient space on the target volume.  Say a given copy required 3 gigs of space.  As one freed the displayed space the required amount would decrease commensurately.

Yes, my grammar is fantastic today for reasons I shall not be sharing.

UFD : USB Flash Drive

CodeSector also makes creepy products made possible by google’s whole new line of creepyware including android

“Show me your papers?”  nah… simply use android and as many “free” google products as possible

Google would never ever treat people as individual items in a global inventory!

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