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December 30, 2009

webmail notifier 2.0.1 replaces todd long’s gmail manager 0.6 beta

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I was thrilled by the interface of Todd Long’s Gmail Manager 0.6 — I nearly hated the 0.5 versions.  When gmaill changed and 0.6 became permanently borked I had to resort to manually logging in with the aid of Secure Login.  :ugh:

The new chrome features of Byungwook Kang’s Webmail Notifier 2.0.1, at first glance irksome, entirely replace both versions of gmail manager as it properly shows gmail labels, yahoo folders, and hotmail live folders.

(With a webmail notifier user script I also check GMX and another service that will remain unnamed).

The only improvements for webmail notifier for me now would be

  • an option to control not-showing the chrome list of all webmails
  • an option to NOT recheck every account after adding a new account
  • an option to show nested labels in gmail
  • clicking on an account not currently autochecked to now check instead of spawning a new tab and being logged in

I would have posted the suggestions to his forum but it seems other people are so excited- or vexed by the new features the forum has been temporarily closed.

I much prefer yahoo over gmail: actual-privacy, integrated disposable email address service, real IMAP (though only for zimbra), unlimited storage.  Sometimes I use a gmail account to manage a yahoo account to send email (from DEA) without including my IP address in headers.

All the big name free webmail providers have horrendously POOR filtering power.  They could all take a lesson from BurntMail — they also have real-IMAP, sadly only free for a trial, but fully functional.


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