Seth Wisely said

December 22, 2009

new gadget trend: designed by feckless engineers for imbecilic customers — applies equally as well to ‘phones’

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The iphone embodies the latter group essentially.


I was riding home in a friend’s car when friend received a picture message on the phone.  Having decidedly the best reply myself I was elected to send said reply.

Most phones have ‘soft touch’ buttons, or buttons whose function is governed by what appears on screen nearest it.  Natually that was the button I mashed.  No response from phone.  I mashed it down further for longer.  No response from phone.  Seeing the difficulty I was having friend took possession of phone saying “like this”.  Friend clicked a button for menu, navigated down three levels through menus to select text reply (to image message)

Really?  That GUI team needs to be flogged.

There were soft touch buttons but only available in modes after traversing menus.  Brilliant.


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