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December 13, 2009

department of energy lies: shocking?

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the phase-out of the gasoline additive MTBE in favor of ethanol

Yeah right — that’s a double positive so it must be more better.  As soon as the larger portion of civilization is razed in favor of maize. Another entertaining approach at needlessly reducing population.  The selfish hoards are in many places below the birth replacement rate by (willfully) ignorant use of abortifacients masquerading as contraceptives [every female “birth” control other than barrier-only or spermicide].  Do you still believe the inanimate planet needs a population reduction?  Fine: murder yourself right now.

apocalypse image: Motoda Hisaharu, savaged by (uni)corn fantasy
(emphasis added)

There are a number of things that American families can do to improve their fuel efficiency and help them save money. Taken together, these efficiencies can equal up to a dollar of savings per gallon.

Slow down: Each 5 mph you drive over 60 mph is like paying an additional $0.15 per gallon for gas.

Bzzzt.  Wrong. Most cars cost less to operate at a consistent speed above 75 mph.  Slower is less efficient.  Speed limits are neither “safety focused” nor “efficiency focused”.

If speed limits were about safety then nowhere could one drive in excess of 15 mph to increase walk-away likelihood in head-on collisions.

Speed limits are fascist: there are already ‘unsafe’ driving laws.  I can haz less unsafe driving conditions?  Why does the most civilized country on the planet set the bar so low to qualify for a driving license?

Liberalists frequently rave about ‘police, firefighters, and education’ when the topics of spending cuts arise.  We pay to have a police infrastructure that further extorts money from us?  Yeah, that’s genius.

In a home invasion robbery scenario which would you rather have (1) phone in hand having already communicated with 911?  or (2) a gun?   If you chose option 1.. oh, too bad, you’re dead.  If you chose option 2 someone is dead but it’s not you and you have the option to contact the police to have the coroner remove the dead home invader.

Seth Wisely said: a well educated, well armed society is a happy one


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