Seth Wisely said

December 4, 2009

all your FQDN are belong to google hippies? google competes for your resolution requests with Google Public DNS

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As if google was not yet tracking enough.  Now you’re thrilled with the idea of google, an ad serving data mining megalith, collating ALL resolutions?

No, that won’t end badly at all

*cough* AT&T switches *cough*  *cough*  NSA  *cough*  *cough* socialism  *cough*  *cough*  *cough*

I can haz freeDOM from mine?

Maybe you should call them [and volunteer even more information about yourself via ANI] for “support”

Google Public DNS telephone support

  • 877-590-4367 in the U.S.

Be sure to use google voice to help them help themselves to more data mining.

Run back to the safety of your ISP’s walled garden!

compare google dns faster claims

shorter bars are more better


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