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October 30, 2009

verizon fios feckless techinical “support”

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It sure is fun when a tech does not understand latency, and awesome when the ONT config is foobared by a trained monkey, but this is horrific:

The fun started when we called Verizon tech support to try to get them to force the ONT’s ethernet port to 100mb/full (since we are paying for 50mb/20mb service from VZ, setting the ethernet to 10/half kind of defeats the purpose?).

The first tech we talked to insisted that if we had 50/20 service, the ethernet between the ONT and our router had to run at those speeds also, and that the problem was our router because the Westell VZ supplied was quite capable of doing that! He was quite indignant that we wanted to adjust the speed without ordering (and paying for) higher-speed service! He also insisted that by setting the ethernet port to half-duplex, we had changed our router from a router to a bridge. At that point, I suggested to my friend that we hang up and call back and hope we got a different tech.

The second tech wasn’t much help either, but he did recognize that we ought to be able to set the ethernet to 100/full. He did, however, try to insist that we could make the router sync up with the ONT at 100/full if we increased the MTU size on the router, because that would cause the router’s sync frequency to more closely match the ONT’s. He suggested we could move MTU all the way up to 20000 and that should help.

I’m not kidding.

So we’ll call VZ back this morning and try again to get the ONT forced to 100/full. We’ve had much better luck with VZ’s day-time staff’s knowledge.


Seth Wisely said: fios “support” ough be tested monthly and terminated for low scores



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