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October 29, 2009

oh noes! I agree with Richard Dawkins … about Bill O’Reilly

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091029 dawkins intellectually dishonest

Richard Dawkins, the self appointed apologist in chief for atheism (contratheism specifically), makes few good points.  Setting aside his logically self refuting ideology, atheism, he makes an excellent point: there is a need for intelligent TV editorial hosts.   O’Reilly, akin to Dawkins, certainly is not much more than of average intelligence.

091029 no intelligence allowed

Intelligent Design no more belongs in a science class than does the patently illogical ‘evolution’ theory of spontaneous life from non-life  (time is neither an efficient cause nor an effective cause). Both are metaphysical issues.  If the topic is to be shared in socialist re-education centers then both theories must be presented.  It provides a segue to reintroduce ethics and logic into the public school curriculum through the addition of a philosophy unit requirement.



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