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October 19, 2009

“Ignore truth and logic! It’s all smoke and mirrors. I have what you need,” says crack dealing US President

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Rely on my new-democrat new ministry of truth.

Well, not this time” .. or any other time Mr Obama.

We already have a suitable Ministry of Truthiness

Simply because socialism has never worked in the history of time is apparently no reason not to continue trying it. Despite socialism being a cancer upon society Mr Obama continues plying his charm to woo the foolish to his inane course.

‘Be silent, Fox News! What I have written I have written

Stop thinking of pink elephants.

Most people think in images (events) or words.  Most people will think of pink elephants.  ‘Stop watching fox‘ will only serve to increase Fox’s viewership.  But if Mr Obama’s team had a winning strategy, something other than one that has NEVER worked, they also would not employ a strategy to enhance their enemy, the one’s pursuing truth, the ones with the audacity to question.

Seth Wisely said: stand against tyranny of thought


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