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October 8, 2009

police logging mobile phone IMEI?

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NYPD tracking phone owners for fingerprint style database

Wow cannot wait until traffic stops require fingerprinting and blood letting

Why stop at using an IMEI database “solving” committed crimes?  Real time mobile phone logging without warrant!  It would be much easier to issue speeding tickets by mail.

Google would love to get their hands on yet another aspect of your-yourself: they already have a dataminer’s paradise through all the “free” services they offer.  Knowing all  your contacts and everything you communicate by email, IM, and phone is a good start, but knowing where you are while you’re doing it (even when you don’t have an android) would be so much tastier. [n]Obama could then buy the data or wend the technology to the now illegal tracking of citizens across government department/domains.

Seth Wisely said: guard your privacy or lose it in tandem with your liberty and security


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