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October 7, 2009

Karma Blocker vs AdBlock Plus : initial results

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Karma Blocker is a bit more heavy handed than AdBlock Plus by default (as ADP had no default filters).  Most of my initial rules modifications for Karma Blocker have been to unblock content.  The new yahoo webmail is broken out of the box.  Unfortunately I have not yet found how to kill the new mandatory yahoo webmail stationary rightbar with only Karma Blocker.

For best results in a new firefox profile I use RequestPolicy , NoScript, SSL BlackList, and Karma Blocking.  A profile with NoScript and AdBlock Plus slurp up resources quicker. To be clear RequestPolicy is not a replacement for NoScript (or NoScript ABE); It can however alone be a replacement for an adblocking extension.  Severa; great security focused extensions are not available with the “upgrade” to firefox 3.5.  RequestPolicy, like other mortals, casts aspertions on itself by using wik*edia as citations — “truth by consensus” is an oxymoron at best.

Seth Wisely said: Karma Blocker has great potential


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