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August 9, 2009

defective business model syndrome [mirror]

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In response to whining about adblocking [user: cluein]

You have Defective Business Model syndrome.

You want to claim you are providing a “free” service, but are frustrated when people won’t view your annoying ads. If you think you have valuable content charge for it. Why don’t you? Because you fear no one will value what you offer.

Your offering is either free or it’s not. Yes, it really is this simple. If it truly is free then you ought not complain about a users browser software or any other display by the user.

Free does not entitle you to compensation. If this is challenging I invite you to use one of the big word books on the internet: [a dictionary].

If, on the other hand you wish compensation for your product then you can neither call your product “free” nor can you expect compensation from your users in a form they will not condone. As the power is with the buyer ultimately, you’ll shortly find that blinking, flashing objects are not desired.

Clue in. Ads and similar annoyances are insufferable.

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